Set Up

1. Click icon to access the PEAK app.

2. Download the Health Gauge App.

Mental Training App

1. Download Training App (Video)

2. Log in to the app with the same email and password for your web dashboard (Video)

3. Select the platform you want to train on (VR or 2D) ​

4. Select Assessment to establish your baseline

5. Select Core to beginning training​

6. Select the environment you want to train in​

7. Start Training

Health Gauge

1. To monitor your biometric data, complete the form under the "Data Sources" tab in your web dashboard (Video)​

2. Download the Health Gauge app on your mobile device by clicking the links above (IOS download video)

3. Log in to the app with the same username and password you entered in the "Data Sources" form​

4. In the Health Gauge app, ensure your device is connected by clicking the Bluetooth icon on the top right corner​ (Video)

5. Calibrate device to collect blood pressure data (Video)

6. How to take ECG and Blood Pressure measurement (Video)

​7. To access special features, click on the following link: (Video)

Download the user manual: HERE


How often should I train?

It is recommended you complete one core training session (20 rounds) five times a week. Each session takes approximately 10 - 15 minutes to complete.

How do I select objects in VR mode?

There is a small dot in the center of the screen which moves when you move your device. Think of that dot as a mouse pointer. Hover the dot over the object you want to select and click on the phone screen or the trigger button on your VR headset.

Where can I access my dashboard?

Your dashboard can be accessed by visiting www.portal.peakcognition.app

What research was used to create the program?

Peak Cognition training program are based on various research 3D Multiple Object Tracking. Visit Lenica's research page for more information.