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Peak Cognition

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Improve your mental performance with target cognitive training. Train your focus, thinking speed, hand-eye coordination, decision-making accuracy and awareness.

Pre-order your 12-month subscription and get an additional 6 months for a total of 18 months of mental performance training.

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Michael M - Hockey Trainer

"My athletes have felt their reaction times have improved and are able to read and react quicker with more confidence during their games"

Chiam Shalk - Canadian Olympian

"Peak Cognition has been really great for my mind. The way I have improved with repetition has been cool to see. In volleyball, vision and speed are extremely important, so this is the perfect tool to get ahead and unlock parts of my brain. I am now capable of more"

Kristen C - Varsity Hockey Goalie

"Peak Cognition has helped me heighten my focus since the program is similar to what you are going to experience on the ice, you might be tracking the puck but there are a million other things going on in the game. Awareness is huge at the next level and I feel like it’s what really differentiates great players from good players. Peak Cognition builds that skill of being able to be aware without being directly focused on it"