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Top-level athletes in the NHL, MLB and NFL are already using mental training tools to improve their in-game performance. This means, the next generation of high-performing athletes need to be more than just physically fit and technically sound, they also need to have superior mental skills.

Enhanced Mental Fitness



Get in the zone and achieve peak performance with enhanced mental fitness training. Peak Cognition is your tool to improve your focus, awareness, thinking speed, decision-making accuracy and reaction time so you can gain the ultimate edge over your competition.

Why Train Your Mental Skills?

1. Sports science research has proved that what separates elite level athletes from their peers is NOT their physical fitness but their mental skills
2. This has resulted in an increase in mental fitness tools being used by pro-level athletes. So if you want to stay ahead of your competition, then you need to include mental fitness training in your daily routine.
3. As you know, being a high-level athlete is very competitive and at times really stressful. With mental fitness training, you can build mental resilience so you remain competitive during your season.

World Class Results

"Peak Cognition has been really great for my mind. The way I have improved with repetition has been cool to see. In beach volleyball, vision and speed are extremely important, so this is the perfect tool to get ahead and unlock parts of my brain. I am now capable of more."

Chiam Schalk - Canadian Olympian

PEAK Performance Coaching

"Elite athletes at the top of their game are so close in their physicality that they need to find cutting edge new ways to differentiate themselves from one another as they progress. Cognitive training is relatively new but players training with Lenica’s new Peak Cognition platform have felt their reaction times have improved and are able to read and react quicker and with more confidence as plays develop. It stands to reason that with quicker decision making abilities their ability to recover from mistakes will become quicker as well which will help them become more valuable to their team in any situation!"

Michael Majnarich - Trainer

Hockey Goalie Training

"Peak Cognition has helped me heighten my focus since the program is similar to what you are going to experience on the ice, you might be tracking the puck but there are a million other things going on in the game. Awareness is huge at the next level and I feel like it’s what really differentiates great players from good players. Peak Cognition builds that skill of being able to be aware without being directly focused on it."

Kristen Chamberlin - Varsity Hockey Goalie

PEAK Performance Coaching

Peak Cognition athletes and coaches can measure, analyze and gain key insights into key performance metrics. This information is used to personalize training, make better decisions and quickly identify gaps in an athlete that can impact next game performance. Our unique data processing algorithm reduces athlete analysis time by 91% for coaches and trainers.

Data-driven decision-making

Measure, analyze and optimize. Establish clear performance benchmarks to inform your training. Use the insights gained through Peak Cognition to make better decisions and increase your chances of winning future games.

Mental Fitness Training

Your brain, like your body, needs to have a consistent training schedule so you can maximize your performance. Most athletes ignore training their brain so even though they may be physically strong, they are mentally weak. This can be detrimental to their performance, especially during stressful periods during the game.

Peak Cognition is your mental fitness tool to help you achieve peak performance through enhanced mental fitness training. The platform targets key mental skills such as focus, awareness, thinking speed, decision-making accuracy and reaction to give you the ultimate edge over your competition.

Don’t let the competition outcompete you. Enhance your mental fitness by joining Peak Cognition today!

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